Panasonic Lumix S1H II Rumored Specs

If you’re a photographer or videographer looking for the latest and greatest gear, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming release of the Panasonic Lumix S1H II. This highly anticipated camera is rumored to be hitting the market soon, and leaked specs suggest that it will be a game-changer for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The Lumix S1H II is the follow-up to Panasonic’s flagship camera for videographers, the Lumix S1H, which hit the market in 2019 to great acclaim. While the S1H was already a serious machine for video professionals, boasting 6K resolution, 4:2:2 10-bit recording, V-Log / V-Gamut, and 14+ stops of dynamic range, the S1H II takes things to the next level.

For starters, leaked specs suggest that the S1H II will be capable of shooting in 8K UHD and DCI in 24/25, 30, 48, or 50/60 frames per second, which is a first for a Panasonic camera. And with a rumored sensor size close to 50MP, the S1H II will not only be a powerhouse for photography, but also give video makers a lot more flexibility, with a 50MP sensor technically capable of 8K oversampled footage.

But that’s not all. According to rumors, the S1H II will be equipped with the latest phase detection autofocus and tracking system, which was a standout feature of Panasonic’s recent Lumix S5 II and S5 IIx models. This new autofocus technology is expected to take the S1H II’s performance to new heights, making it an even more formidable tool for professional filmmakers.

Of course, all this power comes at a price. While we don’t have official pricing details yet, it’s safe to assume that the S1H II will be firmly in the professional category, likely costing around the same as its predecessor at $3,999 / £3,599 / AU$5,999. But given Panasonic’s recent willingness to price its cameras very competitively, there’s a chance that the S1H II could be a more affordable option for those looking to step up their game.

All in all, the Panasonic Lumix S1H II is shaping up to be an exciting new addition to the world of hybrid cameras. With its cutting-edge video capabilities, high-resolution sensor, and top-of-the-line autofocus system, it’s sure to be a hit with professionals and enthusiasts alike. So if you’re in the market for a new camera, keep an eye out for the S1H II – it might just be the perfect tool for your next project.

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