Fujifilm X-H2S Firmware Update Version 3.00 Released

In addition to the Fujifilm X-H2 firmware version 1.20, Fujifilm also released the new firmware version 3.00 for Fujifilm X-H2S mirrorless camera on January 12, 2023.

Download link: Fujifilm X-H2S Firmware Version 3.00

Detail of the firmware update

Revised specification from Ver.2.10 to Ver.3.00

  1. Subject detection enhancement by AI (Artificial Intelligence).
    (1)Current subject detection function improvement
    Subject detection performance has been greatly improved in situations that were difficult to detect with the current firmware, such as “backlighting”, “looking sideways”, and “small subjects”. The subject detection function can be used more than ever, regardless of the scene.
    (2)New subject category added
    “Insect” and “Drone” detection is newly realized In addition to the existing “Face”, “Eyes”, “Animal”, “Bird”, “Automobile”, Motorcycle & Bike”, “Airplane” and “Train”. Insects can be detected by setting the subject as “Bird” and drones can be done by setting it as “Airplane”.
  2. Dynamic tracking performance enhancement by the improved AF algorithm.
    (1)The motion prediction algorithm has been improved to enable stable tracking of subjects moving at high speed in the frame.
    (2)The AF focusing speed has been improved when continuous shooting is started by simultaneously pressing the AF-ON button and the release button while the camera is out of focus. The AF starts to focus at a faster rate than before, even in situations where the situation changes moment by moment, such as in sports. This makes it difficult to miss a shutter release opportunity, even in situations such as sports where the situation changes from moment to moment.
  3. Tripod grip, “TG-BT1” has been available.
    When the camera and “TG-BT1” are connected via Bluetooth, you can shoot still images and movies while holding the grip, as well as zoom in on lenses (*1) with an electric zoom function.
    *1:Lenses with an electric zoom function (“Power Zoom Lens”)
    ・FUJINON LENS XF18-120mmF4 LM PZ WR (Ver.1.00 or later)
    ・FUJINON LENS XC15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ (Ver.1.10or later)
    Note-1: For the “TG-BT1” initial settings and operating instructions, please download the “Tripod Grip (TG-BT1) User’s Manual” from our website (See the link below).
    ・Tripod Grip (TG-BT1) User’s Manual
    Note-2: Firmware update for the camera and lens is required to enable this function.Make sure to update the camera firmware to the latest firmware before updating the lens firmware.
    ・FUJINON LENS XC15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ Firmware update Ver.1.10
  4. File Transmitter (FT-XH) performance enhancement.
    The live view frame rate from camera to terminal has been Improved when connecting the “FT-XH”.
    Note-1: Firmware update for the camera and “FT-XH” is required to enable this function.Make sure to update the camera firmware to the latest firmware before updating the “FT-XH” firmware.
    ・”FT-XH” Firmware update Ver.1.10
  5. Menu title change.
    (1)”IMAGE TRANSFER ORDER” has been renamed to “COMMUNICATION STATUS”, which appeared through the following operation flow.
    ・[SCREEN SET-UP] ➔ [DISP. CUSTOM SETTING] ➔ [COMMUNICATION STATUS] (2)“COMMUNICATION STATUS” can now be used to toggle the image transfer order and connected device displays on or off simultaneously.
  6. “Bluetooth DEVICE LIST” addition.
    “Bluetooth DEVICE LIST” has been added in the “Bluetooth/SMARTPHONE SETTING” in the “NETWORK/USB SETTING” menu.
  7. Bug fixes.
    (1)Firmware bug has been fixed, which caused the freezing that occurs before and after AF is performed.
    (2)Other minor bugs have been fixed.

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