100MP Canon EOS R Camera to be Announced in the Q4 of 2024

Is the highly anticipated 100MP Canon EOS R Camera set for release in Q4 of 2024? Since the unveiling of the EOS R system in September 2018, persistent rumors circulated about a potential 100MP EOS R system camera. The speculation heightened with the announcement of the EOS R5 in 2020, followed by a period of silence.

Queries persist about the existence of such a high-resolution EOS R system camera. In the dynamic landscape of a company like Canon, planned products may face changes due to market dynamics or external challenges. The substantial number of reports and discussions surrounding the 100MP EOS R camera may have encountered unforeseen obstacles.

The introduction of the EOS R3 and Canon’s innovation with a stacked sensor raises questions about the absence of the highly rumored camera in the market. The EOS R3 marked Canon’s initial foray into stacked sensors, and anticipation grows for this technology to extend across the EOS R lineup. It’s a logical assumption that the EOS R5 Mark II and EOS R1 could incorporate stacked image sensors, with global shutters potentially reserved for Canon’s cinema series cameras.

Rumors suggest a higher resolution camera may emerge six or more months after the expected announcement of the EOS R5 Mark II in Q1 of 2024, possibly resulting in a Q4 unveiling. While a 100MP EOS R camera would likely find a market, the size of that market remains uncertain.

Despite the persistent buzz, if you’re eagerly awaiting the 100MP EOS R camera, patience may be key. According to the latest speculation, the high-pixel EOS R model might not hit the market until the end of 2024. Various pixel count rumors have circulated, ranging from 60 million to 100 million pixels. This time, the speculation settles on a remarkable 100 million pixels, indicating a substantial leap in resolution.

Via: CanonRumors

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